The CBaileyCast

Interviews with smart & amazing people about 3D art, Filmmaking & how to thrive as an artist in today’s online metaverse. Enjoy!

Join me as I discuss NFTs, Cryptoart and the future of digital art with artist  Rhett / Mankind  You can find Rhett’s work on YouTube here. And you can find his everydays on Instagram here.
Join me for episode 2 of the CBaileyCast! This week I’m chatting with blender YouTuber  @Erindale  about blender’s node-filled future and how learning Math is probably a good idea. Go subscribe to Erin’s channel here:  @Erindale  You can find his new course on procedural materials here
​Join me as I talk with Markom3D about motion capture, blender, making short films and how to juggle it all with real life. If you enjoy this new format please let me know! Check out Markom3D on YouTube @Markom3D​ and his short films here:… Join Patreon​ Join YouTube Blender Market Join Discord