CBailey Film is an award winning film production and animation studio based in the cloud.  Founded and led by creative director Chris Bailey our team consists of trusted artists, designers and animators that collaborate through the internet without the usual overheads of a traditional studio.  Clarity, creativity and engaging design mark our work and we push to raise the bar with every project we take on.  

Chris Bailey is an award winning Director, Motion Designer and Screenwriter. His films have screened in festivals across the globe and won numerous awards for their stunning visual style and arresting narratives. His deft command of the art form and amiable temperament continually bring out the very best in his cast and crew.

With 15  years of experience and a degree from America’s top film school, Chris has had exceptional training and mentor-ship from filmmakers who have won Academy Awards and Golden Globes. He’s directed on film sets with over 100 cast and crew but also knows how to manage small teams.

His experience has afforded him a strong grasp of visual effects and computer animation and he’s worked with some of the best to create imaginative worlds for screens both large and small.